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Caroline Haydon Butoh dance, Performance art & Production


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Art See Ocean Artist interview

Listen to Art See Ocean co-founder Theresa Lekbergs and Caroline Haydons interview and personal experience of their meeting and about their collaboration. 




Caroline Haydon is a Los Angeles-based producer,

Butoh dancer, performer & filmmaker working with sound, video, choreography, art direction, and performance art.

I like to think of my works as existing on the axis of reality and the realm of dreams. This place is a multidimensional, in-between space in which the surreal and the mundane may exist alongside and within one another. My choreographic canon draws from the visceral, the innate, and the essential strangeness of the human existence.


As a Butoh dancer, Caroline has trained under Jerry Gardner, a pupil of Yoshito Ohno, attended workshops with Yukio Waguri in Salt Lake City, UT, and Denise Fujiwara, a pupil of female Butoh master Natsu Nakijima, in Toronto, ON. She is a Certified Actor/Combatant within the Society of American Fight Directors, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Utah.

Caroline frequently works as a producer for Los Angeles-based digital production company Safety Third Productions. 

Caroline Haydon shot her Butoh dance film HYDRA in the beautiful nature reservoar during her residence at Art See Ocean.

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