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Art See Ocean


A natural meeting place for people, art and nature, where the forest meets the sea.


Art See Ocean is a place for meditation, prayer and gratefulness.

About us.


Our vision is to invite human beings to share with others what being a human is all about. We want to create a place for curiosity, honesty and creativity. A place to share our souls, with an open mind and and open heart.

`What changes us most deeply is beauty,

It is the hardest to receive,

you have to prepare beauty its own space.

How can I take in more beauty?´ 

-Stefan Lekberg

Stefan Lekberg Abstract painter.  Founder of Art See Ocean.

Stefan has lived from his art as an abstract painter for the past 25 years. 

He started out in Stockholm where he in his studio/home also ran a gallery.  He arranged "Art soup", inviting strangers to his home, for art exhibition, live music, soup and wine​.


When he grew weary of the city and longed for more space and silence, he found it in a beautiful farm in the archipelago between Trosa and Nyköping. Art See Ocean was born.

Stefan is known for his large scale abstract paintings in mixed media and acrylic, often three-dimensional.

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