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Happy new art year

We are happy to welcome you along our journey at Art See Ocean, 2018 lets make it a year of art.

First of all I am proud to introduce you to our partners Brännström & Lundgren; Jazzproduktion.

Aurora Brännström and Ludvig Lundgren, are two talented artists and Jazz musicians from Sweden. Aurora is a classical singer and Ludvig is a jazz pianist.

Together the spouses perform on different clubs and events around Sweden, they also produce the podcast, Burlesquepodden. Aurora meets with guest artists for conversions witch sheds light on the secrets of the erotic, sexuality and performance art.

They also have a Marilyn Monroe act in tribute of the star.

None the less this lovely duo are a part of Art See Ocean Gallery.

We met up this weekend to talk about life and our common future plans. The night came with lively conversation and new inspiration.

2018 is filled with lovely surprises and new opportunity.

Starting with Easter exhibition at Art See Ocean from Friday 30th March to April 2nd, with musical performance on Saturday 31st of March.

More information about artists and program closer to Easter!

Find out more about these two love birds on

Welcome 2018

Stefan & Theresa Lekberg

Art See Ocean Gallery

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