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Theresa Lekberg Performance & visual artist






Theresa Lekberg uses her body for transcendence, exploring and expressing the unknown.

Touching the borders of life, death, erotic and sacred.

Creating symbols, ceremony and rite as tools for emotional, physical and spiritual expression, making the unseen visible.


Theresa Lekberg is based in Sweden. She is a performance and visual artist working with photography and film.

Theresa Lekberg is the founder of Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist residence.

Theresa has studied and trained for Dr. Carlos Chan and Marie Louise Honka in Body Dynamic Grouptherapy based in Bioenergetic and Psychodrama.

Dr. Carlos Chan is one of the forefront figures of  trauma educated bodywork today.

His methods used for treatment of complex PTSD.

Dr Carlos Chan Introduction to Bioenergetics


Dr Carlos Chan Example of Bioenergetic bodywork 


Interdisiplinary dance perfromance

Riako Napitupulu & Theresa Lekberg

Ariel Orah & Samaquias Lorta 


Akin is a interdisciplinary piece about transience and belonging, from birth to life and death. Revealing scenes about boundaries, connection, rituals and interrelation between human beings and furthermore personal intimate stories with love and pain.

We all play out these images every day, both hidden and visible, all relatable.

Performance art, Butoh dance and live music, electronic and acoustic soundscapes.

An artistic collaboration between

Theresa Lekberg &

Riako Napitupulu 


Performance art & Butoh dance

Sound artist

Ariel Orah - Ravenative

and special invitation

interdisciplinary artist

Samaquias Lorta on cello.

Tra Mondi Poster.jpg

TRA MONDI, film Theresa Lekberg

Interdisiplinary dance perfromance

Roberta Tirassa & Theresa Lekberg 

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