Interdisiplinary dance perfromance

Riako Napitupulu & Theresa Lekberg

Ariel Orah & Samaquias Lorta 


Akin is a interdisciplinary piece about transience and belonging, from birth to life and death. Revealing scenes about boundaries, connection, rituals and interrelation between human beings and furthermore personal intimate stories with love and pain.

We all play out these images every day, both hidden and visible, all relatable.

Performance art, Butoh dance and live music, electronic and acoustic soundscapes.

An artistic collaboration between

Theresa Lekberg &

Riako Napitupulu 


Performance art & Butoh dance

Sound artist

Ariel Orah - Ravenative

and special invitation

interdisciplinary artist

Samaquias Lorta on cello.

Tra Mondi_edited.jpg

TRA MONDI, film Theresa Lekberg

Interdisiplinary dance perfromance

Roberta Tirassa & Theresa Lekberg 


Chiara Romagnoli & Theresa Lekberg

- The Ressurection


“Movementary is a community based performance art project about meeting in a momentary existence.” 

Theresa is educated and trained under Dr Carlos Chan who is one of the forefront theraphists today of trauma informed bodywork with a basis in Bioenergetics and Psychodrama. 



Movementary - a momentary existence.

Theresa works performative with group settings.

Connecting to ones life stories.

Combining Movement for deep relaxation with releasing tension in muscle armour we come to authentic self expression.

Working on emotional and physical expression and opening up the voice. 

A great shift of focus, energy and power takes place and synergise and transmits to the group as well as the individual.

For creating further, rehersing and developing the stories to a staged performance.

one commits to attend a full term course with Theresa. 4  blocks per year.

contact here for info artseeocean@artseeocean.com


See you there,