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Art See Ocean

It is this kind of day, everything is dying back into earth, the sky is grey and nothing looks like very much. Winter is on its way but it is still a in between, a dark grey of uncertainty. But underneath something is stirring inside where you can feel the air twirling and playing, it is a small string pulling you, it is hope. The beginning of something great that you know nothing of.

Art See Ocean was born out of a mans heart longing for the sea.

Stefan left the big city, he was weary and found a sanctuary, a church, a nest to go into deep meditation, hibernating during winter and be reborn each spring, letting the tides turn, the season come and go and follow the rhythm of nature. Being in his own creation.

We met like two worlds colliding, waking up after a wake, I trembled I shivered, I fell down and rose up again.

We could not apart, we could not - not be.

He struck me like lightning and I was never the same again.

Three years later, coming together, coming to art, into life and as man and wife, the time was ripe to open up for the world.

Art See Ocean is a space where it is possible, to be in ones own process. As a artist the undoing of the conceptual world, is likely to be one of the biggest gifts and challenges to face.

We are welcoming you to a new beginning.

To Art See Ocean.

Creating space.

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