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Roberta Tirassa Dance & Choreography
Glososli artist residence



Dancer Roberta Tirassa from Ivrea, Italy.

Artist in resident Roberta Tirassa is specialised in Afro contemporary dance.

In her own words:

“The contact with the earth, The human being as a channel between the earth and the sky... I am searching for an honest dance, for authenticity, in the instant, for the god sparkle that dances in everybody and that transcends from an inhabited body in movement”

During Robertas residence stay she have worked on a choreography for a dance performance and ended her stay with creating a dance-film with Theresa Lekberg behind the camera.

Roberta and Theresa also made another collaboration of

dance and performance art, `Tra Mondi´, In between worlds.


Roberta Tirassa is based in Ivrea, Italy just outside Turin. Her productions have been presented in several international dance/theatre festivals in Italy, France, Colombia, Brasil, Togo, Morocco, Benin and USA. Her social projects for children with afro contemporary dance since 2002 took place in Ecuador, Colombia, Benin, Brazil and in Italy.

And in 2007 she created her own dance company.

Since December 2012 she is the Director of the space and home for artists “Glosolì International Residency for Artists” in Ivrea (Torino) – Italia, which is member of Resartis and Transartists. At the moment she is based between Ivrea and Turin (Italy) and Salvador da Bahia (Brazil).

Film, Theresa Lekberg
Dance, Roberta Tirassa, performing Bluebells  
Music, Lucia Leena, Juneberry, Judith Ferstl
Costume by Accademia del Lusso, Art Dir. Barbara Sordi, Milan
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