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Art See Ocean Online Exhibition

Welcome to meet the artists, new material and what is going on since leaving Art See Ocean!

Exhibition starts Saturdays and are live for a week,

You find and look for your favourite artist in the archive after ending their exhibition


To support their work and purchase an artwork click the links in the presentations.

Roberta Tirassa, performing Bluebells  - Cinematography Theresa Lekberg

- Costume Accademia del Lusso, Art Dir. Barbara Sordi, Milan

Roberta Tirassa.jpg

Art See Ocean Proudly presents:

Upcoming exhibitions ONLINE in December!

Saturday December 19th, Program, Stockholm time zone

Sessions ca 30 min each.

10.00  Introduction of Art See Ocean with Theresa Lekberg

11.00 SLOW ART Experience Art meditation

12.00 Meet the artist and the art - Roberta Tirassa

13.00 Trailer screening of Tra Mondi - In between worlds

Synopsis and film photography exhibition Tra Mondi

14.00 -14.30 - Artist residence & Gallery

14.35-15.05 Exhibition abstract art - Stefan Lekberg


13.00 - Theresa Lekbergs film Tra Mondi - In between worlds.

Screening of trailer, to be Premiering in 2021.

Dancers Roberta Tirassa and Theresa Lekberg.

Music Massimo Barbiero and Marta Raviglia.

A collaboration with Glosoli Artist residence, italy and Art See ocean, Sweden.

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