Handbook and Tools for Resurrection -

How to come back to life (or death)

After a long cold winter.

(To be opened on Spring equinox and burned after Passover)

by Theresa Lekberg

Theresa Lekberg is a performance artist that interact and explore the consciousness hidden and unseen realms with wit and curiosity.

In this digital installation she is showing photography prints from different collections and Abstract painting incorporated in a tale of life and death.

Tool kit for resurrection

weighting of the heart.JPG

A scale for the heart and  a feather

(any feather will do) 

You might get stuck in samsara or In between worlds when you come to the Pearlygates and The Gods test: the weigthing of the heart. What they do is simply to weight your heart and a feather on a scale, if they match you are innocent and can come to heaven.

If not keep reading.

Portable sunrise/sunfeather



to find the sunshine deep inside of you, hidden under layers and layers of autumn leafs, snow, mud, darkness, fear, shame, neglect, pain, soot, blood, sweat, tears and failure.


How to use: fan yourself and lurk out a beam of light from underneath the stones on a rocky shore.

Start practising when its still dark and rainy outside..


Death masks: Hood for inner vision & Hood for inner silence - Theresa Lekberg

Photography: Marie Linderholm

Handbook for resurrection

Toolkit + guide


In the beginning you can feel a bit blindsided by life or blame God for the Jokes of LIFE/DEATH and the trick to send you stumbling down to the cold dark dirt every fall stripping you away of all the comforts of humanity.

Wartmh, sunshine, happiness etc.


Then comes spring and the rough remembrance of being seen naked in your shell in the in the harsh light.

Not to compelling.

Like a blind Worm, A half life in the cocoon, barely making it through every easter. To keep sane and survive the throbbing headaches and general shame, I developed a toolkit for resurrection to read just before the first sunlight pierces your pale skin.

A guide of how to´s and tools to ease the pass over. Best of Luck.


— Longing for sunflowers, Theresa Lekberg