International Artist Residence

Art See Ocean is welcoming you as a fellow artist, creator and human being.

We are all in a time of crisis, artist loosing their exhibitions, commissions and performances cancelled,

Artist residences are built on welcoming artists from all over the world and during these times there are no travelling,

it is easy to get paralysed, frustrated and passive.

Art See Ocean decided due to the covid -19 outbreak to shift its focus to our expertise and where our heart is at.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.

We at Art See Ocean decided to launch project Hope earlier than expected, 

we have the frame for it and the form will show itself along the way.

Art See Ocean - Project Hope

We believe in the human beings willingness and resourcefulness to create purpose, meaning and hope.

There are a great resource of creation to be activated at these extraordinary times.

When we can access our power it wakes us up from hopelessness and leads to resilience. 

As a first step we open up online live classes, for free.

No action on your part required but to participate.

We have built our artistry and life on pillars to create Hope.

Non dual seeing - a direct experience in non dual seeing to transcend fear.

In a guided meditation with life questions.




Launching Project Hope online.

Project Hope started out as a lovechild by artist Stefan and Theresa Lekberg.

Stefan is an abstract painter and lives by the devise "to transform shit, into beauty, into art".

By starting to look at ourselves and transcending our own pain, we can change and create something else.


Helps artists to create hope, seizing their power and recovering from hopelessness, using art as a force to be reckoned with.

Creating from a fearless state in these times can seem overwhelming but we truly believe in art as a form of coming together and transcending the fear as an artist can help us to create hope and solidarity in times of pressure and pain. 

Theresa Lekberg is a performance artist and implemented non-dual seeing or looking as a ground zero for her creating art - from nothing. And Through bodywork finding a way to decipher mind from soul energy, followed by a freedom in movement and authentic expression. 

Both Theresa and Stefan has a long experience and are educated in transformational therapy, meditation and bodywork.


This offer is for anyone, on all levels and you can simply join the live class with Theresa Lekberg and support us via Patreon.


Or to be part of the Project Hope group,

We invite a group of artists committing on a more deep level, to say yes to share in an open and honest way and we guide you in life conversation and non-dual experiencing combined with bodywork using movement, energy, rhythm and voice. 

We guide and point you to is the place from where creation is born. 

To find you authentic expression in a balanced, easy and peaceful way.

At the same time a cathartic clearing to step into your own power, enhancing resilience, 

decisiveness and vitality, uniting as artists.

We will meet in this group constellation over a longer period of time, a year, where we will have regular (online) meetings.

Our Hope is that the Project Hope group in the end of our project can come together for a final session at

Art See Ocean Residence.

This group will be closed to members only and a registration fee is required. 

We will make it an art project, meaning, documenting and follow each others progress over a longer period of time and finalising it in a documentary.

You register at and we send you the link with payment method and access to our live member-classroom. 


Art See Ocean offers online live classes, 

masterclasses, workshops and education in different artforms.


Join us, to benefit from one of our classes online, special deals for patreon-members with free options and newsletter.

Or if you want to contribute creating a online workshop/class yourself, mail us at


We want to support the community to thrive and the way we successfully use for ourselves 

we now offer to you. In a not too far future we hope to accommodate artists from all over the globe again.

If you are a former resident of Art See Ocean contact us for engagement in Project Hope!


We hope that this can be a time of great change and encouragement to go fully into your art 

and find and trust your own path and voice.


With great hope and uplifted spirits,

Theresa & Stefan Lekberg