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Yoon1verse took part in Art See Ocean Artist in residence program in June, found great inspiration from the surrounding nature and started working in her studio right away.

Pinecones lead her way to the symbolic world, resulting in a whole universe of pinecones in her show Pineal Movements.

After the exhibition Yoon returned the art to nature in a ceremonial way.

Listen in on Yoon1verse interview with Theresa Lekberg,

Artist in residence experience at Art See Ocean Gallery.

"Prominently featured in sacred art and architecture of ancient cultures, pinecones often symbolize ‘pineal gland’ and ‘Third eye’ — the cerebral organ of supreme universal connection.

<Pineal Movements> structuralizes dialectical unification of orderly nature with pinecones as the predominant motif and the ingredient for creation. In this installation of sculptures and drawings, a pinecone’s complementary traits are utilized to create abstractions and resemblances to certain patterns of nature such as womb, helix, horn, and hill.

Between each linkage of pinecones exists a dynamic movement along a continuum from the interior to exterior, from smooth to rough, from rounded to angular, and from bound to scattered. In the background, 936 Hz tone plays to help activate the actual pineal glands of the audience.⠀"


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