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Chae Eun Jo

We are delighted to have had Photographer Chae Eun Jo here at

Art See Ocean as a artist in residence. Not only because Chean is a talented photographer but for contributing to Art See Ocean in such depth with presence, solitude and beauty.

Chaen has been exploring the forest and ocean and created a deep bond with the nature.

The nature responds back to her and she captures this so beautifully, both through her camera lens in her photography and and with her presence, creating a subtle curiosity in her surroundings. The nature turns to her, children and animals.

Thank you Chean for your silent and moving generosity.

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Listen to Chaen´s Interview below:

Article in SN, by Lina Nydahl

Below, Art See Ocean Exhibition Chae Eun Jo´s Photoseries.

Private Forest

The place that lets me out of all conflicts if I wanted to.

The moment that exists for me.

The forest that turn private for that very moment of existence.


The saturation is low, and the contrast is even.

Prescious, yet ruthlessly thrown away.

Once entered, it cannot exit.

It is unclear if the exit is unknown or unchosen.

Being familiar doesn't mean to become similar, or it couldn't.

More than anything I want to be tranquil.

Chae Eun Jo´s Photobook, from Cuba.

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