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Art See Ocean Exhibition

Thank you Erik Winqvist for honouring us at Art See Ocean and The artists in residence with your music and capturing the audience by creating a musical room where everyone is participating with ears and hearts.

It is a true pleasure to witness you play the saxofon with your whole system and follow the intuitive storys and light playfulness mixed with a deep listening to the vibrations of the art.

Erik Playing intuitive in a musical conversation to the art.

Photographer Chae Eun Jo, artists Yooniverse and Nigel Kim thank you for coming all the way from Seoul, Korea to participate in Art See Ocean -Artist in residence program. And for co-creating the beauty which we shared with the public visiting all day and creating a common art experience.

Yoon Hong - Pineal movements

Chaen Eun Jo - Self Portrait, My story

The series Self-portrait

Chaen Eun Jo - Photo suite Private Forest

Beautiful and well written article in SN by Lina Nydahl

Thank you all who came to Art See Ocean Gallery we had a wonderful day together.

Theresa and Stefan Lekberg

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