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Presenting artist: Y∞niverse

Art See Ocean has a great summer to look forward to,

and we are curiously awaiting South Korean artist Y∞niverse.

She is arriving at the residence in June and we want you to give you a sneak peak before you meet her live.

Y∞niverse is her own unique universe.

She is collaborating with computer science student Nigel Kim who also will attend residence at Art See Ocean.

Together they are planning to create art using video and sound.

Nigel says: "In my past research, I have experimented ways to represent(audiolyze) a series of artificially created neural signals into a “Sound graph”, (which is similar to a conventional “Graph” but I use sound instead of a visual graph representation) and investigated in finding sound patterns that could contain information of which we could easily neglect when seen in a visual graph."

Crown chakra:

We are very exited on what this stargazing artist will bring to

Art See Ocean during her residency,

Her art range is wide, from performance, video, painting to sculpting.

A warm Welcome to

Y∞niverse & Nigel Kim

from Art See Ocean Gallery!

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