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Mostafa Mahouri

Art See Ocean proudly presents;

Mostafa Mahouri, director and script-writer from Iran.

His recent work is selected to several film awards:

Secret of Cyrus the great-documentary, official selection in:

-VACIF - 3rd Vancouver Alternative Cinema Festival-2017-Canada

-MIFA - 3rd Montreal Independent Film Awards - 2017-Canada

Seven'th sense- official selection in:

-18th International Festival of Non-Professional Films To love man 2018-Poland

We are very happy to have shared a meal with you and conversation about life, art and most importantly Love. Thank you!

These are his words on the residence experience at Art See Ocean:

" What are we looking for?

What have we lost?

Where is the truth?

Surely the truth is within us.

If we find ourself, we will also find the truth.

Art see ocean is a space full of honesty

There is no curtain between you and reality,

even the windows haven't got any curtains here.

Get back to yourself in Art see ocean.

This place alone can not give you this peace of mind.

This tranquility is based on the existence of beautiful, honest owners Stefan and Theresa.

Thank you, dear Stefan and Theresa, for years you have worked hard to have a great and kind spirit, and now you can give it to others."

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