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Mahdie Shahriari Moghaddam

We are very pleased to present to you Mahdie Shahriari Moghaddam,

Iranian artist and humanitarian worker.

Mahdie is a dedicated NGO worker and goes to areas in conflict and work with people in need of food, shelter and medical help.

The art became her private refuge, to cope with the pain and suffering surrounding her, she transformed her strong emotional experience into art. Painting bodys often nude she is not permitted to exhibit her art in Iran where it´s still controversial being a woman and artist.

Watch the interview below; on Mahdies personal experience here at Art See Ocean Gallery.

See more of Mahdies life work on;

"What I remember from my childhood is that I was always busy with paper and a pen in my hand. It was the only way that I knew to object or answer what stimulated me in my life. Unfortunately, in my hometown, very deprived city of Iran, there was not an art school. Furthermore, it was a type of stigma to be an artist as a woman. So I preferred to do painting in my inner corner. After graduation from university I started working with different humanitarian organizations."

"I started painting because I had no other way to respond to what have affected me. To be more clear, the other reason for drawing was the fact that I just wanted to cry out my objections against violence, what I can name it today, as art therapy."

- Mahdie Shahriari Moghaddam

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