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Anil Jacob Kunnel

Art See Ocean have had the honor to have our first

artist in resident here, Anil Jacob Kunnel.

Anil is a director and filmmaker from Germany.

He was writing on his screenplay project during his residency:

Here is his testimonial:

"I came to Stefan’s and Theresa’s beautiful place to work on a screenplay and lived in the smaller cabin next to the big house.

The atmosphere and energy is incredible. The location is in the middle of the natural reserve – and when waking up, I could see the ocean.

During the days, I would write or spend some time in the nature, and in the evening, I would light up the fireplace and enjoy the silence.

Their studios are two minutes away from some beautiful hiking trails and a small beach. It was the perfect place to get some rest and focus on my ideas.

Stefan and Theresa are two incredible people, they were really caring and concerned that everything was right for me.

They also provided the food, which I thought was very nice because I didn’t get distracted from writing.

The two are very kind and interested, and it was a great pleasure to talk with them about our art and life in general.

They are both at peace with the world and plan to transform this area into a beautiful retreat and also support the local art scene with their work.”

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