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Yoon Hong, Yooniverse Visual artist



Y∞n1verse is a Multimedia Artist who works across over drawing, painting, writing, film, performance, and installation. Capturing moments of collision and cohesion between a polarity, such as, microcosm vs macrocosm, natural vs artificial, control vs surrender, and indigenous vs modern spacetimes.


Yoon Hong has a BFA degree from Washington university in St Louis.

She has worked in Florence, Italy and Nykoping, Sweden. <Pineal Movements>, shown at Art See Ocean Gallery, was featured on Södermanland Nyheter Newsletter on July, 2018. She initiated her first solo exhibit in ART BIT Gallery, and was invited by Punto Blu Seoul for her second show in Seoul. <Flow-in>,  shown at Punto Blu, was featured on New York's Cool Hunting. 

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In Yoons own words:

"In this dark time of the disease, I believe we are led to realize which direction of light we should pursue and how we shall do so. 

Through losses, pauses, and breakdowns, we puzzle things again for a better picture in a wiser way. Like most of us, but especially as an artist, I am encouraged to think and act for creating hopeful connections. 

One thing Art See Ocean Gallery engraved me deeply was the subtle boundary between a self and the rest.

The boundary is so subtle it gets beautiful and destructive by a drop of water. 

Artists are those who should create those in-between bridges, a meaningful road where other worlds and my world meet.

Regardless of 'artist' as a title and professions, however, everyone possesses creative powers.

Therefore, my wish is that people begin to focus on resetting their own boundaries and creating healthier bridges. 

How selfish/self-contained have we been or the other way around?

How much should we surrender and impact at the same time?

These are questions I have been asking myself.

I sincerely thank Theresa and Stefan for every spacetime they had shared with me.




In 2019 Yoon visited a residency within indigenous village of Panama.

The photos are from the work "Tortuga on TV", which I made by collecting a thousand plastic bottle-caps from the wild beach of Guna Yala, Panama. 

There, leatherback turtles come to nest, so the work was registered on the fence of the turtle egg nest. 

Each tiny bottle-cap only represents each whole plastic bottle floating around the ocean.

Coming back from Panama to Seoul, a giant city with big production and wastes,

I decided to continue using my creative sources for the betterment of our environment.

So my working partner and I applied to a government sponsored project and built plastic shredding + injecting machines with which we turn plastic wastes into re-useable objects, such as, carabiners, tiles, and vases.

It is called, "The Plastic Dinosaur", a title that juxtaposes an already extinct species and the 21st century's most problematic yet highly useful material. 

We ourselves collect plastic wastes, plus people around us and a few resort and pharmacies provide us the materials. Our vision is to make this recycling and upcycling more fun and casual in neighbors.

IMG_8074 2.JPG
IMG_8075 2.JPG
From "The plastic dinosaur"
Yoon1verse, Pineal Movements - Art See Ocean Gallery
6. ꓥ, pinecones, 80 x 50 x 47 cm png.png
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