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Chiara Romagnoli Fashion Photographer
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Chiara Romagnoli is a renowned fashion photographer based in Milan and London.


Chiara Romagnoli left the city behind coming to Art See Ocean making her residence was a Italian whirlwind of creation.

Chiara came to Art See Ocean expressing a deep longing to explore other mediums of creation for her residency, using her hands, creating in clay. 

Together with Theresa Lekberg A journey of connecting heart threads and exploration of the innocent playfulness and the feminine archetypes of the elements, held by nature.

The woman as a waterbearer, weaver of fate as Nornornain Nordic Mythology and elemental mystic creature as the Undine or nymph in the sagas.

A story more ancient than they expected started to unfold in front of their eyes.

Interview by Stefan Lekberg with Chiara Romagnoli and Theresa Lekberg.
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