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Theresa Lekberg introducing you to Art See Ocean residence artists work.

Welcome to meet the artists, new material and what is going on since leaving Art See Ocean!

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Chiara Romagnoli,
Fashionphotographer, Milan.

Art See Ocean Proudly presents:


Chiara Romagnoli is a renowned fashion photographer based in Milan and London.

Chiara left the city behind coming to Art See Ocean making her residence was a Italian whirlwind of creation.


Initially Chiara was to create in clay, a new medium to use her hands but...

The clay was delayed,


starting a second project with Theresa Lekberg creating a traditional Swedish rug on a weaving machine was a small undertaking for these artist throwing themselves in a weave of tangling and untangling heart threads. 

It all ended up in a photography/ performance art collaboration between Chiara and Theresa and a future whispering of secrets to come.

Learn what Chiara has to say having residence at Art See Ocean in rural Swedish nature.

Making an art collaboration together with performance artist Theresa Lekberg.

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Interview by Stefan Lekberg with Chiara Romagnoli and Theresa Lekberg.

Chiara Romagnoli came to Art See Ocean expressing a deep longing to explore other mediums of creation for her residency, using her hands, creating in clay. 

Together with Theresa Lekberg A journey of connecting heart threads and exploration of the innocent playfulness and the feminine archetypes of the elements, held by nature.

The woman as a waterbearer, weaver of fate as Nornornain Nordic Mythology and elemental mystic creature as the Undine or nymph in the sagas.

A story more ancient than they expected started to unfold in front of their eyes.

Undine -
Chiara Romagnioli/Theresa Lekberg

Rainbow was donated and part of a fundraiser to a Italian hospital during the Covid outbreak in March.

Rainbow from Romagnoli/Lekberg collab

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