Art See Ocean - Life conversation with Theresa Lekberg

Resartis global network and community for artist and artist residencies and Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist in residence

teamed up during the time of great uncertainty and provide a guided meditation with Theresa Lekberg where you can ask your life questions. 

These times are intense and we are all affected by the Corona chrisis. Both personally, in business and as a society. 

Fear is showing itself in different ways and often we carry the same or similar personal questions. 

By sharing your life questions in a Satsang meditation, 

Theresa helps you to get out of your mind and into a place of deeper clear seing and more space, creating hope.



Welcome to Join, no prior experience in meditation needed.

If you want to ask your question in advance, 
email them to

Theresa Lekberg - Creating from Nothing

Theresa Lekberg experience self recognition as a ground for creating art - creating from nothing.

It helps us to create hope, seizing power and recovering from hopelessness, using nothing as a force to be reckoned with.

Satsang is creating a safe place to access and directly experience non dual seeing, by asking the questions of your current life situation.

Theresa helps and guides you to come to a deeper self recognition.

"-The meditation is something that have made a tremendous impact on my own life, being able to cope with and trancend fear.

Hope for me is not something abstract or ephemeral, it is something we create and live by in our ordinary day to day life."

Art See Ocean, Stefan and Theresa Lekberg is welcoming you as a fellow artist, creator and human being.

We are all in a time of crisis, artist loosing exhibitions, commissions and performances cancelled.

Artist residences are built on welcoming artists from all over the world and during these times there are no travelling,

it is easy to get paralysed, frustrated and passive.

We truly believe in art as a form of coming together and transcending the fear 

we as artists can help to create hope and solidarity in times of pressure and pain.

Art See Ocean decided due to the covid -19 outbreak to shift its focus to our expertise and where our heart is at.

Both Theresa and Stefan has a long experience and are educated in transformational therapy, meditation and bodywork.

We will host guided meditation and Satsang with Theresa Lekberg.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.

We have built our artistry and life on pillars to create Hope.