Art See Ocean Proudly presents Artist in residence

Kateryna Segeda, Visual Artist

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Textiles, Knitwear

H:52 W:45 D:42

YEAR: 2021

Picture: artists own

Kateryna Segeda

 In the basis of my work is the research of the nature of violence: both in the context of my own life and in relation to the political state of my birthplace. I focus on the unity of mental and physical states. 

When my mother was pregnant with me, doctors tried to “cure” her infertility with electric shocks, thus hurting me being an embryo.

My genetic memory has recorded this violence. Further on I became a hostage of domestic violence in my family, which lead to the constant feeling of insecurity. 

In 2014 my home - Crimea, was annexed by the Russian Federation.

This even became a peak of my feeling of vulnerability and exposure. Together with he loss of the unity of my state, I have lost my identity.

Thus the main focus of my creative endeavours became the ability of the humankind to resist all sorts of violence.

All my artistic themes are bound by one topic - the wistful longing for the freedom and the desire to get rid of the illness, annexation and gruesome childhood memories. 

I use various mediums: painting, textiles and ceramics. I experiment with the idea of corporeality, intrauterine development.

For that I use textile as the most fitting material for this kind of objects: with it’s flexibility and elasticity it reminds of the human skin and body. When I paint, I work around the topics of the human life evolvement, and through the color spots I explore my inner processes. When I work with clay, I enclose the ideas ad thought in the shapes that I build. This Combination of techniques and artistic approaches allows me to create the desired effect of materiality and tactility. 

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Kateryna Segeda Exhibition at Supermarket Stockholm Independent Artfair 26-29 May

represented by Gallery Garage33, Kyiv


Kateryna Segeda will be developing her work at Art See Ocean Artist residence.

A Cooperation with SWAN, Swedish artist residency network - Emergency residencies and Artists at Risk.

Supported by: IASPIS konstnärsnämndens internationella program för bild och form, Postkodstiftelsen and Kulturrådet.