Artist in residence Yooniverse in her exhibition

at Art See Ocean Gallery

Artist in residence 2021 - apply

Deadline: Ongoing

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Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist residence

Artist couple Stefan and Theresa Lekberg created Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist in residence and house artists from all over the world.

-We have created a space to fearlessly go into your own creative process (life).

Art See Ocean is a experimental studio where you get challenged out of conformity,

and given space for allowing yourself to think your own thoughts and work without pre-made results in mind.

Art See Ocean is a space for evolving and growing into to transgressing your boundaries of confining beliefs.

Artists coming here are looking to get more decisive in both life and art.

Art See Ocean is connecting a broad range of artists leading workshops and courses 

for mastering your artistic work with sensibility and courage.

we make a short film interview with the artist in a life conversation with us about the process of being here. 

Art See Ocean is The most beautiful Artist residence in Sweden embedded in a rural nature reseve in the mystery world of the islands in the Archipelago.

It is said that a meteor crashed in the ocean outside our window forming a wide circle in sea 80 meters deep and the special silence of the place is the echo of  the rock hitting earth. In fall time the silence is almost burning on your skin as you hear every breath.

We have the ocean and a small beach 500 steps away from the kitchen window and you can easily get around the Islands in kayaks by boat or walk in the beautiful forrest in Swedens longest hiking trails, with fire places and windbreaks if you want to spend the night, bring a tent and sleeping bag. 

Artists - If you are a painter it is easy because we are painters and have studios. 

Film-workers have been here working with their movies and loved it here. 

If you are a writer that is also perfect.

If you are a musician, you are in good company, we are happy to have you here.

Performance artists, brave hearts, welcome.

We can accommodate eight to ten artists or bigger groups with shared accommodation.

You come here to relax from the conditions of a world in haste,

but if needed there are wifi connection. WWW.

There are four studios, one in the big house, 45 sqm and the other ones in the barn in a total area of 100 sqm with a resting area, bathroom and kitchenette.