International Artist Residence

AKIN performed at Somos arts Berlin

Photography by Olivia Kwok


Performance art, Butoh dance and live music, audio & soundsculpture  and cello.


About the performance

Akin refers to the familiarities in our unfamiliarities as a human species.

Akin performance is a artistic collaboration between performance artist Theresa Lekberg,

Butoh dancer Riako Napitupulu and

Sound artist Ariel Orah -Ravenative

and special invitation

musician Samaquias Lorta on cello.


We are alike.

We love, we hurt, we long and we die.

We fear the unfamiliar.

We are so very similar in our unsimilarities.

Meeting the unfamiliar in ourselves the smallest shifts makes us shy away.

Experiencing pain life becomes urgent.

Be it physical, emotional or psychic


the pain becomes unbearable and change inevitable.

Down on our knees

we all turn to prayer.

We come to a stop.

We hold hands.

We are familiar to this, to the unfamiliar.

We are alike in our differences.

We belong in our fear of not belonging.

Fear of the unfamiliar is what separates and unites us.

It shows us our capacity to stay put even if we shiver.

It is the sum of our actions and the weighing of the heart.

Fear looked in the eye tremble,

subsides to a power greater the human mind.

A force to be reckoned with, violent and tender,

lay us down in grace.

I am coming from very very close.

AKIN, 3 min trailer

Film: Sarnt Utamachote

AKIN tourdates 2020

Coming soon....

Photography by Olivia Kwok