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Art See Ocean is a artist studio where you get to experiment and  challenge conformity, given space for allowing yourself to think your own thoughts and work without pre-made results in mind.

Artist couple Stefan and Theresa Lekberg created Art See Ocean Gallery &

Artist in residence and house artists from all over the world.

-We have created a space to fearlessly go into your own creative process.

`What changes us most deeply is beauty,

It is the hardest to receive,

you have to prepare beauty its own space.

How can I take in more beauty?´ 

-Stefan Lekberg

Stefan Lekberg

Abstract painter, founder of Art See Ocean Gallery & artist in residence

Stefan is known for his large scale abstract paintings in mixed media and acrylic often three-dimensional.

Stefans art is groundbreaking, not bound by concepts or convention.

He paints intuitive, he is himself a witness of the art coming to life as much as the viewer.

Facing a Lekberg painting is like facing your inner world, shaking to the ground, it is very intimate.

The art is inviting us to the dance of life and death.

Stefan has lived from his art as an abstract painter for the past 25 years. 

He lived and worked in Stockholm where he painted in his studio and ran a gallery where he arranged "Art soup", inviting stangers to his home in Stockholm, for art exhibition, live music, soup and wine. Art Soup lasted for nine years and began like a act against the big machinery in the art world and gallery systems.​

When he grew weary of the city and longed for more space and silence, a place to call home to rest his soul and uplift spirit, he found it in the forrest of Nynäs, a beautiful farm just beside the ocean in the archipelago between Trosa and Nyköping. Art See Ocean was born.

Theresa Lekberg B_W.png

Theresa Lekberg

Performance artist

Founder of Art See Ocean Gallery & artist in residence

Theresa Lekberg is a performance artist working with performance, photography and videoinstallations.

In her art Lekberg uses her body for transcendence and expressing the unknown.

Touching the borders of life, death, erotic and sacred.

Creating symbols, ceremony and rite as tools for emotional, physical and spiritual expression, making the unseen seen.

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